What is a “lot”

A “lot” is simply an item that is going to be auctioned in the sale. The organization of several lots defines what an auction is. Each lot is assigned a “lot number”. This is the number in which a bidder can identify a specific item. Also, our auctions proceed in the consecutive order of the lot numbers so it’s easy for everyone to follow.

How can I bid?

If the auction is a live auction, you have a few options. If the auction is strictly online, such is the April 20th auction, visit https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/138683_nautical-antique-and-ship-model-auction/

In Person: when you arrive in the sale room on Auction day, our trained and professional staff will register you.  Please bring identification and arrive promptly. Once you complete your registration, you will receive your paddle. If you have a resale number, you must fill out a resale certificate.

Boston Harbor Live: is an online feature that we will provide through our website where you can leave bids or follow along live during the auction and place your bids accordingly. Bidders will register online and upon approval by Boston Harbor Auctions, you can begin placing your bids. Registration for online bidding should be completed before Auction day as we cannot guarantee we will be able to approve you during auction day.

Absentee Bid: if a bidder cannot attend the auction they may chose to leave a bid with a staff member.  Bidders will fill out a bid form with the lots they wish to bid on along with the maximum they are willing to bid.  We will bid on your behalf up to your selected maximum bid.  Absentee bids should be provided 48 hours before Auction day to ensure your bids will be executed properly.

Telephone Bid: a bidder may register to bid via telephone before auction day.  Once registered, a member of our staff will phone you at a few lots prior to the lot you wish to bid.  Our staff member will bid on your behalf while you are following along on the phone.  Telephone bids should be registered 48 hours prior to auction day

What kind of information is needed to submit a bid at registration?

You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number and banking or credit information.

What is the latest time that I can arrange to bid?

Generally, our auctions have a deadline of 24 hours before the auction to arrange telephone or absentee bids. But we will certainly do our best to accommodate the tardy few.

How will I know what time the lot(s) I am interested in bidding on will be coming up for auction?

The Auctioneer will proceed in chronological order. The first lot will be 1001, the second 1002, the third 1003… etc….

There is no way to know exactly when a lot will be coming up yet we suggest figuring 60-100 lots per hour.

How will I know if I won the lot(s) I am interested in?

Immediately after the auction, we send invoices by email to all successful bidders.  If you do not leave an email address, we will phone you.

What is the best way to learn about a lot that interests me?

Property in our auctions is sold “as is,” and examining property in person is the best way to learn about it. Previews, which are free and open to the public, usually begin several days prior to the auction and provide an opportunity to personally inspect the property.

Can I have my purchase(s) shipped?

Shipping is easily arranged to any destination through us or one of our recommended carriers. 

How do I sign up to bid online?

Go to the Bid Live link on this site.  If you have not registered an online account in the past, all interested bidders must register an account and have their email address verified.  Just follow the steps during registration.  Once your email address is verified, all interested bidders must then register for the particular auction they wish to bid on.  Log into your bidder’s account and search for the respective auction and sign up.  Once we receive word that you are interested in bidding, we will approve you to bid and you can either begin submitting your bids early or follow along on auction day, entering bids accordingly or both!

For More Information Please see

Advice to Bidders.pdf, Bidding Procedures.pdf and Terms & Conditions of Sale