Terms and Conditions of Sale


1. Correctness of Description

Boston Harbor Auctions (hereinafter referred to as BHA) has exercised reasonable care to catalog and describe correctly the property to be sold, but neither BHA nor its consignors warrant the correctness of description, attribution, authenticity, or condition of said property. No statements shall be deemed such a warranty or representation or an assumption of liability with respect thereto, but are to be construed as opinions only. Bidders are encouraged to personally examine all property to be sold prior to the beginning of the auction.

2. Unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer at the time of sale, all bids are per lot as numbered.

3. BHA reserves the right to withdraw any property before the sale.

4. Determination of the Highest Bidder

The highest bidder accepted by the auctioneer shall be the buyer. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer may determine who is the successful bidder or the auctioneer may re-offer the article in dispute and his decision shall be final.

5. Rejection of Bids

The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any nominal raise or any bid or raise which, in his opinion, is not commensurate with the value of the article being offered. At his discretion, he may also reject any nominal raise or any bid that he may determine as having a detrimental effect on the item in question or the sale as a whole. BHA may refuse to issue bidding privileges to any person not in good credit standing with BHA, or to any person who is deemed by BHA in its sole discretion, to be disruptive of or harmful to established auction practices, either before or after the acceptance of bids or the fall of the hammer.

6. Title

Except as herein otherwise provided, title will pass to the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer, and the property is thereafter at the purchaser's sole risk and responsibility.

7. Payment

On title passing to the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer, and subject to all the conditions set forth herein, such bidder will thereupon pay the full purchase price. Payment in full is due at the time of sale. In addition, the purchaser may be subject to one or more of the following actions: a) Any and all legal remedies available to BHA and its consignors by law including without limitation the right to hold the purchaser liable for the total purchase price; b) Immediate cancellation of the sale, with BHA retaining as liquidated damages all payments made by the purchaser; c) Resale of the property at public auction, wherein the original purchaser shall be liable for any deficiency, costs, and BHA commission on both sales. At BHA option, payment will not be deemed to have been made in full until BHA has collected funds represented by checks, or in the case of bank or cashier's checks, their authenticity has been confirmed.

 Payment can be made in the form of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, checks or cash if your total is below $5,000 USD.

Any purchase of $5,000 USD or more must be paid via bank wire, cash or check.

A buyer's premium will be added to the hammer price to be paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price. A discounted premium is offered to bidders who pay via check or cash. The buyer's premium for the November 16th, 2014 sale will be 20%. Online bidders will pay a 23% buyer's premium.

8. Order Bids

Subject to these Conditions of Sale and to such terms and conditions as it may prescribe, but at no charge to the customer, BHA will undertake to execute all order bids submitted to it by a customer who has established credit with said company. Requests for such bidding must be given in writing with such clearness as to leave no room for misunderstanding as to the amount to be bid and must state the catalog number and the name or title of the article to be bid on. Telephone bids must be confirmed in writing or by cable. All bids are kept in strict confidence. In the event of identical bids, (online bids are not received by BHA until the moment of sale) the earliest will take precedence. BHA shall not be held responsible for errors or failure to execute bids.

Telephone Bids: While the sale is in progress, bidding by telephone may be allowed by the auctioneer at his discretion. BHA shall not be held responsible for any failure to properly execute such a bid whether it be due to equipment failure, loss of connection, or failure to hear or understand the bidder's directions. Any advice or opinions provided by BHA or its employees are given strictly as a courtesy and are not a warrant of condition, attribution, authenticity, or description of said property. All bidding by telephone is solely at the risk of the bidder.

9. Condition

If for any cause whatsoever any article sold cannot be delivered, or cannot be delivered in as good condition as the same may have been at the time of sale, due to a failure or damage, the sale will be cancelled, and any amount that may have been paid on account of the sale will be returned to the purchaser. EXCEPTION: BHA will not be held responsible for damage to picture frames. The absence of a condition statement does not imply that a lot is in perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging. Condition requests can be obtained via email or by telephone to the appropriate location or by phone 617 451 7447 Any condition statement given, as a courtesy to a client, is only an opinion and should not be treated as a statement of fact. BHA shall have no responsibility for any error or omission.

10. Sales Tax

All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts sales tax (currently 6.25%) unless the purchaser A) possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption or resale number and registers that number with the company and presents this at registration, B) is an out of state vendor who meets all the requirements of Massachusetts Department of Revenue GLC 64H 1(5) and Directive 89 10 and registers with the company prior to each purchase, or C) has purchases shipped out of state directly from BHA by a bona fide shipping agent. Dealers, museums, etc. can apply for a Massachusetts number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Corporations and Taxation, 100 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02204.

11. Reserves

Unless advertised as an "Unreserved Auction", all sales may have items subject to reserve (an agreed upon price between the auctioneer and the consignor, below which the article will not be sold).

12. Delivery, Shipping, Pickup of Items

Boston Harbor Auctions provides packing and shipping options as a courtesy, however, it is ultimately up to the purchaser to coordinate their own shipping if the shipping logistics are beyond the capabilities of BHA. 

We use UPS for most of our shipping needs, and other freight and trucking services for larger purchases. 

We also recommend Global Pack Ship 276 Washington St., Boston, MA 02108. (617) 742 6245 globalpackship@aol.com

All purchases picked up from the auction site will be subject to 6.25% Massachusetts state sales tax. If you do not present your resale certificate at the time of registration, you will be charged sales tax when any purchases are removed from of the store. All shipping, packing and handling charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser. BHA is not responsible for the acts or omissions of carriers, whether or not recommended by BHA. We do not ship via the U.S. Post Office unless special arrangements are made. Please allow 4-6 weeks from receipt of payment for delivery.

If said articles have not been paid for, see paragraph 7 above.

13. Packing

Purchasers are advised that packing and/or handling by BHA employees is undertaken solely as a courtesy for the convenience of customers. In the case of fragile articles, it will be undertaken at the sole discretion of the company. Handling and packing by BHA is at the risk of the purchaser. We also recommend the UPS Store #4972 on 71 Commercial St. in Boston (617) 670-1121,mailto:store4972@theupsstore.com" 

14. These Conditions of Sale cannot be altered except in writing by BHA or by public announcement by the auctioneer at the time of the sale.

15. Bidding on any article(s) indicates acceptance of the terms set forth above.

16. These Conditions of Sale and any suits arising thereunder shall be construed and governed by the laws of Massachusetts.