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Online Bidding

Online bidding is an easy way to bid from the comfort of your own home and all bids are anonymous.

Before you are able to register to bid online at one of Boston Harbor Auctions antique auctions, you must register for an account. Once you have an established and confirmed account via email, you must then register to bid at our auction. Therefore, this is a two-step process.

When we receive your registration request and if your account meets the requirements for online bidding, we will approve you to bid at our sale. Subsequent to your account approval you will be free to leave bids prior to the sale or you may opt to follow along with the sale, in real time, beginning at 1030am sharp, EST on Sept 24th and 25th. The sale ends whenever the last lot is sold. We try to proceed at a rate of 60-100 lots per hour. Given the variety of bidding options and the number of audience members, one can never know how long an auction will go on for, how many bidders might be bidding on a specific item or how long a particular lot might be on the block.

The staff at Boston Harbor Auctions recommends that all bidders keep an open mind when placing bids. If you have never bid online before, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the bidding console and how it works and ask questions is you have any.

Keep in mind that as an online bidder you are bidding against floor bidders, phone bidders, any left bids and all the other online bidders bidding with you. Our staff members and auctioneer do not have any idea during the auction who is bidding online until a lot is closed and sold.

If you cannot attend an auction in person, you have the most control over your bids if you choose to phone bid. The reason for this is you are on the telephone with a staff member who is keeping you informed of the asking price and the bids in the room. A phone bidder is able to hear in real time what the activity is like and participate in the bidding process almost as if they are there. Online bidding, however, is up to the random behavior of the interwebs and the quickness of the console operator.

All Terms and Conditions of Sale apply as well as all online bidding terms and conditions found here