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Where does the auction take place? 

From 2006-2016 our auctions were held at our Boston showroom. Going forward we will have a new location on the South Shore. Address to be announced as details become finalized.

How do I find out what is going to be sold at the auction?

Our staff diligently prepares a catalog of items for sale to bring to the public. Each auction, our plan is to have the catalog ready for viewing 4-6 weeks prior to the scheduled auction date. The catalog is produced in several ways; on our website a catalog link can be accessed to download a .pdf version that can be printed on your home computer and leafed through like any other catalog. On our website is also a visible current auction catalog that can be accessed through our "search all lots" tab under "Auctions" on the homepage of The catalog of items to be sold will contain photographs, a title, description and the presale high and low estimates. For information on estimates, see Auction Process. The catalog of items for sale is the best way to familiarize yourself with the items for sale at our auction.

 What time does the auction start?

Many factors are considered before we set a date and time for our auctions and the details may vary from auction to auction. To find out our auction details, and since this page will not be updated with each auction, please access the home page of Boston Harbor Auctions.

When does the auction end?

The auction ends when the last lot is sold. There is no set time. However, Boston Harbor Auctions and it's auctioneers attempt to advance the sale at a pace of 60 -100 lots per hour.

If I cannot make the start time can I still show up to bid later? 

Yes! As long as the auction is still going on you can show up when you are available. Make sure to stop by the registration table to get your bidder number. Anyone is permitted to enter the showroom anytime after the doors open. Time is usually posted in Auction Information.

I am not attending the auction in person, how will I know if I won an item?

If you bid online, the online system will send an email notification that you have won. If you do not see the winning notification it is likely you were unsuccessful. If you bid by phone you will be notified before you hang up; a Boston Harbor Auctions staff member will tell you the status of the lot on the block. If you have won, they will congratulate you. If you were unsuccessful in bidding, they will disclose that at that time as well. If you have left a bid please allow 3 business days to hear from us. If you have provided an email address, this is the easiest and quickest way for us to notify you of your auction success. Otherwise, we will mail you an invoice via USPS.

How do I pay and what types of payment do you take?

Boston Harbor Auctions takes cash, check, Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and wire transfer payments. Please see the Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.

I am not ready to pick up or transport my auction winnings right away, do you have storage?

Boston Harbor Auctions is a gallery when we are not organizing antique auctions and therefore have little to no room for storage. However, we will consider holding your items for a reasonable amount of time if need be. Please communicate your needs at the time of sale.