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Condition Reports

Just because there is no condition report noted on an item does not indicate that the item is perfect or without wear.

We see antiques every single minute of every single day. Therefore, if there in lies a dent in a lantern that is from the 1800s we certainly might miss it because we are so jazzed that we have a lantern from the 1800s and it is quite common that after 200 years there would be wear on it. So if you, as a bidder, have concerns about imperfections of any kind even if an item is 200 years old, for example, then we would advise inquiring as to the condition of the item before you bid.

If you place a bid on an item and win it and find the item is not in the condition you "hoped" it would be - this is on you! This is how auctions work. All items are sold AS IS. As per the Terms and Conditions of our auction and every other auction house's auctions, it is the bidder's responsibility to inspect the item to be sure it is of the caliber worth your bid!